Joe Potter


Operations Director:

Lend Lease (formerly w/Kraft Construction Co., aka Manhattan)


Brian's quality and detail saved us and the owner a great deal of time and money by defining dimensional errors in contract documents prior to putting the work in place. I would highly recommend Brian and his services to anyone in the construction business.





Steve DeLong


Senior Project Manager

Suffolk Construction (formerly w/Kraft Construction Co., aka Manhattan)


I have had the pleasure to work with Brian on several large condominiums in SW Florida. On those projects, he delivered very accurate control line drawings which benefited our team greatly. Brian is very detailed oriented and has a deep knowledge of the construction industry.





Zachery Copulos


Project Engineer:

Mill Creek Residential Trust LLC (formerly w/Barry Bette & LedDuke)


While working with BBL Brian had provided “Control Line Drawings” on dozens of our projects which allowed us to have total control over layout performed by our form contractor and all the trades.





Jason Smith


Construction Manager:

Jefferson Apartment Group (formerly w/Opus)


Not only were the control line & coordination drawings extremely helpful for all trades involved, but the process Brian utilizes to compile the drawings generates RFI's that save immeasurable time and money during preconstruction. I would highly recommend using "Guhl Drawings", as they are commonly referred to, on any building.





Keith Wulber



Anovus Corporation (formerly w/Kraft Construction Co., aka Manhattan)


Brian and his team have provided a variety of expert support services to our projects over the years. Whether doing preconstruction plan scrubs, layout drawings, providing control lines, or working with our team to find working solutions to complex issues or conflicts, Brian consistently provides highly accurate and detailed results that we have come to depend and rely on.





John Cancel



Hill York


I had the pleasure of working with Brian on many projects and found him to be very professional, accurate and responsive. I highly recommend his services.





David Sabo


Director of Project Management:

CORE Construction Services of Florida, LLC


ACI Global Services has successfully worked for CORE Construction on several construction projects over the years. Simply stated Brian brings value to a job by working out conflicts before they are discovered during construction thereby saving contractors, subcontractors and owners’ time, effort and money.





Justin Perrino


Project Manager:

Ajax Building Corporation (formerly w/Opus)


We hired ACI for several of lager projects which all completed on time and under budget, for certain this was as a result of his services. If you want the same results for your company then I highly recommend you hire ACI as well.





Robin (Cheryl) Robinson Toski


Design Studio and Move in Coordinator:

Vi At Bentley Village (formerly w/Kraft Construction Co., aka Manhattan)


I worked with Brian for many years. He is very conscientious and detail oriented, pleasant to work with and helpful in every way. I highly recommend Brian and ACI for your next project!





Richard Higgins


Rebar Detailer & Estimator:

Construction Materials (formerly w/Allen Conc. & Masonry)


We have used Brian and ACI Global for countless projects. He has become a fundamental part of our job planning. So much so, that several of our general contractors have taken him on to be a troubleshooter. He never disappoints!





Philip Krieg



Burt Hill Pollock Krieg Architects


Brian is very thorough and diligent in anticipating construction questions and conflicts. We appreciate his attention to detail to ensure the project's success.





Dennis Dyer



Concept Design Builders (formerly w/Barry Bette & LedDuke)


For the past 8 years as a superintendent for BBL of Florida, we have used the services of ACI for Control Line Drawings. We have found his services indispensable for successful minimizing of layout errors and conflicts in the field from the start of excavation and structure of the building to the final interior layout of each individual unit. “Your service has had a tremendous effect on the bottom line for all projects I’ve been involved in, Thanks Brian.”





John Stanley


Project Manager:

GE Healthcare (formerly w/Opus)


I sub contracted Brian to provide dimensioned layout from control line, drawings for external wall reinforcing on a 17 story 1 million sq. ft. project in Clearwater FL.


Brian provided very accurate drawings with very little initial lead time, he also discovered many errors in the contract documents (i.e. misaligned slab edges, missing columns, service penetrations that didn't align correctly etc.) allowing the Design Team to verify and re issue contract drawings prior to construction.


I would employ Brian to carry out this service for me again and would recommend his services to other construction professionals.


The cost of his services was more than repaid by being able to identify coordination issues ahead of time and maintain/improve our schedule.





Joe Carchidi


General Superintendent:

Feriozzi Concrete Company, Inc. (formerly w/Kraft Construction co., aka Manhattan)


Brian was extremely helpful in our planning and construction of 29 custom condominiums and 35K square ft. of a wellness center. His expertise and understanding of constructability issues was crucial to developing our project.





Van Miller



My Architect


Brian Guhl is a master at construction layout documents. His attention to detail, knowledge of construction, and ability to synthesize information is truly unmatched. I would recommend Brian and his company for your next project without hesitation.





Al Steelman



Bears Plumbing


Bear’s Plumbing of South Florida, Inc. has been doing business with Brian Guhl of ACI since 1998. We continue to do business with ACI because of their professionalism and  high

standards. ACI provides quality work and stands behind their product and service

and that is something Bear’s Plumbing of South Florida, Inc. and ACI share in common.





Patrick Murphy


Project Executive:

(formerly w/Kraft Construction Co., aka Manhattan)


I’ve been using ACI here at Kraft since the mid 1990’s and they have always proved to be one of the most valued members of our team.





Richard Missal



GATES Builders, Inc.


I wanted to take a moment and thank you for the overlay work you recently did for me on the Mirasol project. Your promptness and undivided attention saved GATES countless hours of scheduling time. Again, thank you and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.





Robert L. Sutherin


Managing Director:

(formerly w/Barry Bette & LedDuke)


ACI has been a vender of BBL for over 15 years. We at BBL have found them to be an asset to all of our projects. The quality of their work is exceptional and we look forward to a long relationship.

© Copyright 2014. ACI Global Services, Inc. - All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2014. ACI Global Services, Inc. - All rights reserved.